About : Michelle McCarron

Michelle McCarron was born in Ireland and currently divides her time between Ireland and California. She began her career in photography in San Francisco where she studied with Robert Dawson and Frank Espada and where her love of photography blossomed in the streets and the Sierra Nevada mountains. She is passionate about people, exploration, wilderness and the need to conserve it. Her love of nature and curiosity for the wild bring her in touch with some of the most epic, fragile places on earth as well as human stories of struggle and triumph.

Her photography has exhibited in New York, Colorado and San Francisco. Her video work and collaborations with various directors have been official selections at the Queens International Film festival, South by Southwest and the San Francisco Irish Film Festival.

Clients past and present include Manual, Siemens, National Parks Magazine, The Irish Times, Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, Monocle Magazine, The Financial Times, The Center for Biological Diversity, Capital Magazine, Hemispheres, Chicago Magazine, The Sierra Club, Getty Images, Stanford Lawyer Magazine.

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