Sea Shepherd : Michelle McCarron
The Steve Irwin
Sea Shepherd flagship
The Steve Irwin
On patrol in the Mediterranean
First mate, Peter Hammarstedt
Plotting course through the med
Peter Hammarstedt
briefs crew as Blue Rage begins
Nautical maps
Captain Paul Watson
Amber Paarman & Peter Hammarstedt
Crew & First Mate, Sea Shepherd
Tuna pen in the mediterranean
A fishing boat guarding it's pen
A Tunisian trawler
Sea Shepherd delta boat with crew
Leaving to inspect a fishing pen
Sea Shepherd deploy water cannons
as fishermen try to foul their prop
Italian military aircraft during
confrontation of SS and fishermen
Chad Halsted & Steve
Bosun & Chief Engineer Sea Shepherd
The SSCS delta boat approches
a fishing boat for inspection
Fishermen get confrontational
SSCS crew in protective gear
during confrontation with fishermen
Watson, Hammarstedt & Aultman
checking individual boats licenses
Watson, Hammarstedt and Maclean
during confrontation with fishermen
Confrontation with fishermen
Navy vessel off the coast of Libya
Captain Paul Watson
aboard the bridge deck of the Irwin
EU fisheries inspection vessel
Pilot Aultman briefs Cptn Maclean
Dead tuna floating in a pen
Sea Shepherd fleet
The Steve Irwin departs the Med